Keep on Running

Sierra Mayberry, JP student writer

Scott Huether, the girls’ track coach, gave his point of view on the girls’ season this year for 2022. As I spoke with Coach Huether, he was very enthusiastic and excited about the season, as well as eager, just to see how much progress the girls will make from the beginning of the season to the end.   -Senior Sierra Mayberry, past track runner. 

Diving into the interview, we discussed Coach Huether’s mindset regarding the things he is excited for, nervous for, and any changes that have been made. The girls’ track team has 56 girls out, which is an increase of 15 more than last year.

“We have also added a new assistant coach. he will mainly focus high jump and long jump. This will give me more time to work on specialty events,” Huether stated.  “Only really nervous about conferences and state qualifiers.”

Coach Huether expects that the girls’ team makes state in as many events as they can,  leading up to that, they win the conference track meet.

Huether’s favorite part of track, “ just getting to know the kids, and watching them have success in something they work so hard on and for”. His least favorite part is probably the most expected answer of them all. He replied to the question with, “as long as there is no drama, I think I’m good”.

After answering, he followed it with a few chuckles.