Kicking into the Season

Bella Brandi, JP student writer

Spring sports are beginning. This year, the girls’ soccer team has a new coaching staff and 35 people on the team. There are two games every week and a total of 12 games this season, the first game was scheduled for Thursday, March 31, but was postponed a day due to weather.

Junior Danyel Fahey has been playing soccer since she was in kindergarten, but this is her second year playing soccer at North Polk since her freshman year was canceled because of covid. “Soccer is a great way to let everything out, it’s very therapeutic, and I met three of my best friends through it,” stated Fahey.

Fahey announced both hers and her team’s excitement for the season. “This is definitely the most excitement we’ve had. I’m excited that everyone’s excited to play and overall what the season will look like,” explained Fahey.

For this season, Fahey plans to improve her skills and become a role model for underclassmen. Fahey also expressed that she is looking forward to the new coaching staff. “The new head coach is the most experienced we’ve ever had, she seems very cool,” said Fahey. 

The girls’ started off their season with a win against ADM, 5-2.