New Editor in Town

Zoe Marquez


Zoe Marquez, Newspaper Editor

With a new semester, new classes, new teachers, and new opportunities to come in 2023, I thought that it would be the perfect time to introduce myself as the new member of the school newspaper!

My name is Zoe Marquez, and I am a sophomore that will be a part of ”The Orbit” starting this semester. 

I will be an editor and writer for the school newspaper, along with senior Olivia Moody. I will be writing weekly stories, conducting polls and the infamous “People in the Halls.” 

I was first introduced to the Journalism department through my Creative Writing teacher Jessica Trier, and later put in class with Intro to Journalism with Tia Stubbs. After learning more about newspaper I became more interested in the connections made, investigation done, and overall the excitement of publishing a story you put hard work into. 

I am so excited to be able to work alongside Olivia, write stories about topics that are interesting to me and can get other people talking about them, as well as gain more knowledge and get feedback on my future works to furthermore better myself.