On New Turf

Iowa Cheer Honor Squad 2021


2021 Honor Squad Cheerleaders performing at the UNI Dome On Nov. 18.

Alexis Dorsett, Newspaper Editor

Three seniors on the varsity cheerleading team traveled to the UNI Dome to perform with the 2021 Iowa Cheer Honor Squad. 

The Iowa Cheer Honor Squad included two practices and two performances. The first practice was on Nov. 14 and the second was on Nov. 18. The performances were during halftime at two of the state football games, later on Nov 18.

The honor squad team is made up of three juniors or seniors from schools all over Iowa that choose to participate. This year there were 214 cheerleaders. The squad is broken into two distinct groups, which are dancing and stunting.

The seniors who participated in the honor squad were on the stunting side and included: Ava Austin, Alexis Dorsett, and Isabelle Rutledge. 

Rutledge shared, “My experience at the honor squad was super fun and I loved being able to meet new friends.” 

The girls left the high school after school on Nov. 17. They had a long drive to Cedar Falls, but Rutledge shared, “The drive was fun because I got to ride with my mom and two of my friends, which made the time go by faster. We stayed at a hotel the night before and it was a really fun bonding experience for all of us.” 

Ava Austin, Isabelle Rutledge, and Alexis Dorsett ready to get some rest at the hotel the night before their performance.
Ava Austin, Alexis Dorsett, and Isabelle Rutledge after their second performance.