Cold Lunch Everyday

The Issue with One Microwave


Students like Brasier sacrifice sometimes half their lunch in order to have hot food.

Olivia Moody, Newspaper Editor

While the microwave in the commons does not seem to be a pressing matter, for students that bring their own lunch, it is a daily battle. 

With only one microwave for students to use, hunger can hit, tempers rise and lines can be long. 

 “I do agree that there should be more than one microwave,” stated junior Mitch Brasier. Brasier brings his lunch every day, but he agrees that waiting in line can be frustrating. 

Brasier explained that he has to wait, “On a bad day, six to seven minutes.” While this does not seem like an exceptionally long time, with a lunch that is already only around 25 minutes, it can be hard to have enough time to finish a meal. 

What many people do not realize though, is that the student council is actually the organization that owns and maintains the microwave. The student council bought the microwave with their own money and a different student every other week in the organization cleans it. 

Student council advisor Liz Huether agrees with students, “I think it’s a valid request that they would want another microwave because nobody likes to spend half of their lunch time heating up their food.” 

The student council does want to make it clear though that they will not just be taking money out of their account to pay for the microwave. 

“The question would be, are students willing to help with fundraising to get that microwave,” explained Huether. 

If any student feels strongly enough about the microwave debacle, make sure to take up the issue with the student council.