North Polk’s instrumental jazz groups season summary

Maggie Baumgardner, Staff Writer

*Originally published on our beta site March 12, 2020.

North Polk High School’s Jazz Band and Jazz Ensemble competed on Saturday, Feb. 22, and Saturday, March 7, at Indianola and at Hoover, respectively.

“At Hoover we definitely performed probably the best we ever have,” Aden Burdine, Jazz Ensemble member, said. “It was a fun opportunity to compete with this group one final time.”

At Indianola neither jazz groups placed, but at Hoover both groups did.

“After leaving so late I thought there was no way we’d be able to perform well, and honestly I didn’t even know if we were going to perform,” Emilee Mapes exclaimed.

The jazz groups arrived at the Indianola competition around 45 minutes late after a mix up with the busses. Jazz Ensemble almost missed their performance, and the Indianola judges/staff graciously gave them a few extra minutes to warm up.

Mapes also saidys, “I think those extra minutes of warm-up definitely saved us. They gave us a chance to settle down a bit.”

Jazz Band played four songs including “Happy”, and placed third overall in their category. Jazz Ensemble Played three songs, one being “Backrow Politics”, and placed second in their category.