Comet Marching Band performs a spectacular final show to close their season

Sophie Hoffmeier, JP student writer

The Marching Comets have persevered through their 2020 season, despite the obstacles that the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown their way. The band began their season with band camp in the early weeks of August, however, it was significantly affected by the derecho that ran through Iowa. Despite all of this, the band was able to perform three fantastic shows, with songs by The Beatles, songs from “The Guardians of the Galaxy” soundtrack, and most recently, a collection of popular dance songs, including the hit “Mambo No. 5”, where the band awed the crowd with an energetic dance break.

“The final show was very emotional,” senior Natalie Jepsen said, “but it was super awesome due to the audience’s support.”

Earlier this year, the competition season for the Comets was cancelled due to health and safety concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. With the help of the leadership team and the band staff, the marching band put together a show for every home football game.

“My favorite show was our last one,” junior Colby Anderson said. “We had a dance break to some boppin’ tunes!”

Many of the band members enjoyed their season, however, some of the older band members can’t help but miss the rush and drive of competitions in the past.

“I miss the late nights and the early mornings,” Jepsen said, “and the uniforms, props, music, and especially Valleyfest.”

“I do miss the competition season,” Anderson said. “We get to meet new people, enjoy other great bands, and it just gives you the opportunity to mess around with your section before call time. Most of all, we get to compete and get feedback from doing so.”

Even though this season differed from the seasons past, the Marching Comets held their heads high and played many fun and funky songs for their home audience.

“I enjoyed this season because we were always learning new pieces,” said Anderson. “And because of the great people in the band.”

“I enjoyed [the season] more than I expected,” Jepsen said, “I was really upset about covid, but overally, I really enjoyed the season.”

The 2020 season came to a close on the final home football game on Oct. 9, which left the senior class with many emotions and memories.

“I’m sad the season is over, but I’m looking forward to jazz and pep band,” Jepsen said. “I’ll definitely miss marching band.”

Overall, the band had a wonderful time performing at home this season. Although it wasn’t like their seasons in the years past, it will surely be a season the Marching Comets will never forget.

“We ended the marching band season on a good note,” said Anderson. “There was just the right amount of everything this season.”